In line with top American universities, research at Toulouse School of Management begins in the second year of the Master, with a dedicated research programme.

The course list can be split in two parts

The core courses bridge theory with adequate tools to understand and handle challenging real-world management issues, and unleash students’ potential, confidence and skills to develop groundbreaking ideas.

These courses are offered on-site only; no distance learning option is available.

Courses are taught in French and in English.

Master of Science core courses :

  • Organisational theory
  • Reading research papers
  • Econometrics
  • Experimental methods
  • English for presenting and publishing
  • Library resources

Master of Science specialization courses :

  • Théorie du comportement du consommateur
  • Méthodes qualitatives et quantitatives
  • Analyse d'articles de recherche

  • Marketing quantitatif
  • Marketing qualitatif


  • Consumer empowerment & engagement for innovation
  • Marketing performance metrics & statistics

MPhil in Management core courses :

  • Epistemology
  • Ph.D. seminar
  • English of presenting and publishing
  • Career development

MPhil in Management specialization courses :

  • Research workshops
  • Reading group
  • Experimental methodologies in social sciences and marketing
  • Statistical analyses for experimental methodologies
  • Data collection & analysis
  • Equations structurelles 2
  • Logiciels d'analyse qualitative
  • Analyse d'articles recherche spécifiques